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Saturday, April 23, 2005

There is this thing called a bike path

About two months ago, I read this letter in the Holland Sentinel. It was written by a road cyclist.
He complained that cars on the road were not giving him enough room when they passed him. This person asked that vehicles passing cyclists on the road give them more room. He doesn't realize that on most roads in Ottawa County there is already a solution in place. That solution is called the bikepath.

Yes, there is the danger of cars crossing the bike path. Yes, other people, like rollerbladers and walkers, do use the bike path. That is why God gave you a head that swivels and eyes that move. You have these so that you can watch out for those obstacles.

True, there areas where there is no bikepath, or where the bike path is torn up, but they are few and (hopefully) far between. The bikepath was built for bicyclists. I have found that there are parts of the bikepath that are more challenging than the road at times.

Riding through downtown Holland is a different matter. There are parts of downtown where it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk. Not only that, I have found that it is often safer to ride in the street. As long as you don't ride against traffic and watch what is going on around you, you should be good.

But where you can, use the bikepath. And above all else, use your head! You shouldn't be talking on your cell phone, or listening your Ipod or other music device. These things should be put away when you ride your bike.

Again, use the bikepath. That is what it is here for.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

How to fight the high price of gasoline

People complain about high gas prices. To them I say: instead of driving, ride a bike to work or wherever you need to go. You could also walk. In most areas there is also public transportation. Get a ride from a friend or carpool.

Of course, there are other alternatives. Keeping up with the maintenance and driving smaller vehicles are no brainers. Why drive that SUV or truck when you don't really need it?
So is less a less agressive style of driving. Confine your street racing to Need For Speed: Underground 2 or Street Racing Syndicate.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

We only have ourselves to blame

It often amazes me that people often ask why are so many American jobs being sent overseas. The answer is the American consumer.

We, the American consumers, are always looking for the lowest prices on the products we buy. For instance, it is said that generic medicines have led to the pending closing of the Pfizer plant here in Holland. The potential impact is felt well beyond the families of the plant employees. It will affect spending on consumer goods in this area, such as at area grocery stores, and other shopping venues. There will not be as much money spent in area restaunts, either. West Shore Mall is already feeling the impact.

When are we going to wake up and get the clue? The extra money for the full price is used for things like quality control and research and development. And no company exists for long without profit. If they can't make a profit here, those companies will go somewhere else where they can.

The other reason jobs are going overseas is that Americans hesitant to re-educate themselves and learn new job skills. If we want to keep the good jobs here, Americans have to be willing to learn new job skills. We have to be willing to get a better education. Not only will we be better trained to handle new jobs, we will also feel better about ourselves.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Terri Shiavo's case should never been made public

Her husband had the right to protect her quality of life, and her diginity. Her parents and the public couldn't see this, and were selfish in keeping her alive.

Neither the government nor the courts had the right to get involved in the case. I grieve for her parents. It was not their daughters wish to be kept alive in this state for so long. Her wish to die should have been observed a long time ago. The public, no matter what their intentions, had no right to get involved with what was essentially an family matter.

Although it is sad that she died, Michael held his ground and let his wife die. It has bee said that allowing her to die was akin to moral poverty. I, for one, do not believe that this is so. To say that is to forget the way her life was lived for the last fifteen years. Anybody with any moral fiber could see that her quality of life had gotten so poor without any chance for improvement that this was really for the best.

Her suffering has finally come to an end. But the person that she was died fifteen years ago. Let us be able to look back and remember that best parts of her life. To be able to do that would be the best to preserve the quality of her life.