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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bike Messengers Get No Respect

If you're a bike messenger, consider it to be a business and work from home. You'll get the
respect you need and triple the money. A business can create many
opportunities, like even getting a loan. A
is the easiest way to get a fast approval. Use a loan calculator to work out monthly
payments. The payments will surely be lower than your home mortgage. Though banks offer all sorts of financial
services, they don't offer insurance. For things like free insurance quotes, you'd
be better off talking to an insurance agent.

I saw this clip on Youtube and a thought occurred to me. That thought was that these people need to realize how much business would slow down in any major city if there were no bike messengers running packages around the city. Face it, bikes can go where cars and other traffic simply cannot get to. Often, when traffic is at a stand still in a traffic jam, bike messengers are the only means of delivering packages from one point to another in a fairly short period of time.

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