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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The truth about Global Warming

Photosyntheseis is the process by which plants take unusable sunlight to make the sugar we all use. This process also releases the oxygen we all need to survive. To make six molecules of oxygen and one molecule of sugar, this process uses six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water.
Global warming is a fact, but not for the reasons that we have been told. Nature produces much more carbon dioxide than the human race does. Humans produce very little carbon dioxide. Natural process are still the major culprit behind most of the production of CO2. Earth's plants are our natural CO2 scrubbers. Due to deforestation, the plants that use photosynthesis to take natural sunlight and carbon dioxide and make oxygen and sugars are being wiped out.
As trees are cut down and other plants destroyed by urban sprawl, the ability of plants to make usable energy out of sunlight and carbon dioxide is being lost. This is the real cause behind the build-up carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Very little is directly caused by the actions of humans. Yes, the last time I checked, burning is still a natural process.

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