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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The anti-gun lobby would love to see this

Since illegal and legal guns have been banned from airports, people
still feel insecure when entering midwest
. To ensure better gun control, emirates
has increased their security. Passengers should have travel
for their own safety. However, flights to las
have never given compaints on the gun issue. Nurses are available
at new
york hotels
for emergency purposes. They are also available at chicago hotel
. These nurses are hired for travel nursing

I found this video on YouTube and thought that the anti-gun lobbyists that are trying to subvert our Constitution would use this as part of their vast arsenal. It is sad that they will say that the only way to limit the number of guns bought and possessed illegally is to ban them outright. The only people affected by such a ban would be the people who buy their guns legally. Gangbangers don't care whether their guns are legal or not and will not be affected by such a ban. They can always find any kind of gun they want anywhere.

There was a time when most homes in this country had a gun in the house and people were taught to use them.

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