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Friday, December 28, 2007

Writers want more

As if Hollywood writers don't already make way more than the average American citizen, the strike that shows nothing but how greedy they are will do more harm than good. This strike is happening simply because they feel they need that expensive hous in Malibu or Beverly Hills. All that they are telling the American public is that like quite a few other Americans, such as those who feel that they need a gigantic SUV, is that they are already living well beyond their means. Hollywood writers already get paid way more than the average American worker.

At this time, many companies are looking to get rid of employee ehakth care benefits, or are looking to severely curtail the benefits that they do still have, Hollywood writers are still getting their full benefits package. Hollywood has been a very generous employer, but some people always want more. We live in an age where we need instant gratification. Americans, in general, are living way beyond their means. For the last few years, it has become exrtemely easy for people to obtain credit cards and get in way over their heads in debt. It has also been getting even easier for people to file for bankruptcy and attempt to have that debt erased. They don't think about what that does to their credit rating.



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