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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What is it with 4X4 drivers?

When people think of buying a 4x4 SUV, I say why not look for travel trailers? They are much more spacious and great for driving in the snow. But then again, when going for a vacation, nothing beats cheap flights to canada. To get that cheap rate, first you would need to take flights to amsterdam from indian airlines. Then change flights through malaysian airlines all the way to your destination. Reserve a room just as stunning as a london hotel at your arrival.
Well, the first major snow has fallen here in West Michigan and the rednecks seem to be flocking to the roads in droves. That leads me to ask the question: Why is it that every driver of an SUV or 4X4 feels that they have the right to intimidate everyone else on the road and try to force them off the road?

It seems that they think that having that four-wheel drive available means that they can do whatever they want on the road, regardless of the safety of the others that they have to share the road with. Do they always seem to forget that actually stopping the car is just as important as getting going? It really does not matter how many wheels you have driving the vehicle, you can still wind up in the ditch. It is not what you drive, but how you drive it that matters.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with people driving these behemoths. It is just that their mentality seems to be that every one else has to get out of their way, which is not always the case. These people need to remember the concept called the Basic Speed Law.

Don't these idiots realize that they are sharing the road with other families? These people are so self-absorbed in their own little that they don't pay attention to what is going on around them.

Two months later, nothing has changed.


Just today, February 6, we got hit pretty hard with a snow storm. This post right here show that it does not matter what you drive, it is how you drive. Unfortunately, in their collective short sightedness, our county is trying to go cheap with their snow plows. SUV drivers seem to think that since they can afford such large and expensive vehicles that they have special privileges over other people and that they don't have to share the road. A quote from Mark Morford would sum up my attitude toward most SUV drivers: " You know it's true. SUV drivers tend, more than any others on the road, to be aggressive jerks." This article right here has some very useful tips for driving SUVs safely, some of which are no brainers. I thought that this article that I found on Craigslist put a somewhat humorous spin on the whole SUV ownership thing.

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