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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another day in the life of an epidemic

I was out taking a rare bike ride that I would not normally be able to take in the middle of the winter since it has been so warm this last few days when I was reminded of an ongoing epidemic. That epidemic is that of people ignorant of their surroundings.
This disease manifests itself in effected people in their lack of any ability to pay attention to the environment. You see these people usually with the accessory called a cell hpone grafted directly to their skulls. Those effected get so wrapped up in the conversations they are having with the other party (who is more than likely being effected by the same disease) that they tend to almost collide with things in their environment. Like a person that is coming at them head on. The cure for this disease, howeveer, is a very simple solution. That would be JUST TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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